Application Process

The respective filled application form must be sent to as soon as possible.

The VDP will decide on the application and communicate its decision within 10 to 15 working days.

Click here to download the application forms.

Reimbursement Process

Send an email with the subject "Reimbursement of Expenses" to

When requesting an expense reimbursement, the applicant must include all copies/scans of invoices (one pdf document per invoice and proofs*, e.g., bank statements) showing her/his/their name and residence address** in the attachments.

In addition, the applicant must inform to which bank account the reimbursement will be paid (Name of the bank account holder, IBAN, BIC).

*The University of Vienna often requests proof, such as bank statements. To simplify the process, the applicant can include bank statements of expenses in each pdf document.

**If applicable. If no invoice displays the address, the applicant still needs to inform her about her/his/their address in the email.