VDP Summer School 2023

Inclusivity and Ethics

10. - 12 July 2023, Vienna (Austria)


Inclusivity and Ethics

Ethical theorists often take positions, whether by accident or on purpose, that entail strong divisions in who (or what) counts as having moral status. Whether in respect of marginalized groups, future generations, or impersonal entities (like the environment), concerns of inclusivity are at the forefront of contemporary ethical discussions. These discussions may take place on the more abstract level of meta-ethics, as certain theories may distribute moral agency on the basis of rational capacities that non-human animals—and some humans (e.g., very young children)—arguably lack. They may take place on the level of normative theories that only grant moral status to conscious entities that can be made more or less well-off, a consideration that means it is not possible to act in morally wrongful ways towards non-conscious entities. And perhaps paradigmatically, theories can fail to be inclusive by omitting or trivializing the concerns of marginalized groups, often because they are left out of the institutions and knowledge-making processes that set the agenda for academic debates. To reflect on 'inclusivity' as a philosophical theme is not only to reflect on the abstract commitments that make a moral theory more or less inclusive, but also to reflect on the specific concerns and applied cases that our discussions have failed to include.

Short info

  • Dates: 10th - 12th July 2023
  • Location: Department of Philosophy (University of Vienna), NIG, Universitätsstraße 7, 1010 Vienna, Austria
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Applicants are asked to send the following documents:

  • a short academic CV
  • an abstract for a ten minute presentation (approx. 150 words) that does not contain your name or any identifying information.

Please send the completed application to summerschool.philosophie@univie.ac.at until May 262023.

We strongly encourage PhD researchers working in all areas of philosophy and neighbouring disciplines (e.g., gender studies, sociology, queer theory, or medicine) to apply. If numbers allow, we may consider applications from advanced masters students and early-stage postdocs.

There is no application fee. Once your proposal is accepted, participants will be required to pay an administration fee of €21,20. 


The format of this year’s summer school will consist of three days of keynotes and peer presentations. Applicants will deliver 10-minute presentations on the above-mentioned theme in the presence of their peers and esteemed instructors for feedback and advice.

4 ECTS credits will be provided to students who present and fully attend the school.


If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to send an e-mail:


Diversity statement

We actively welcome applications from members of disadvantaged or underrepresented groups in philosophy and neighbouring areas.

Due to Austrian law, the University is required to use people's legal names and the pronouns of their legal sex in registration and associated official correspondence, not their correct names or pronouns. The organizing committee strongly commits to an inclusive practice in our informal correspondence and for the event itself. We will refer to all participants via whichever names and pronouns you communicate to us.

Organization Committee

  • Dr. Paul*A Helfritzsch
  • Konstantin Deininger
  • Konstantin Eckl
  • Jackson Sawatzky
  • Lisa Tragbar

The VDP Summer School on Inclusivity and Ethics is funded by the Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy (University of Vienna), Österreichische Hochschüler:innenschaft and City of Vienna.