VDP Membership

Doctoral researchers enrolled in the Doctoral Programme in Humanities, Philosophy, and Education (field: Philosophy) or the Doctoral Programme in Philosophy (field: Cognitive Science) can become VDP members.

  • Membership is free of charge for researchers.
  • Membership is not mandatory, but it is desirable for doctoral students in the above mentioned fields at the University of Vienna*.
  • To apply for membership, send an email to vd.philosophy@univie.ac.at (subject: "Membership") with a copy to your supervisor(s) and confirming that you agree to the Code of Good Practice.**

*Members of the VDP have access to:  

  1. Guidance from the entry phase of your doctorate to the completion of dissertation.
  2. Academic activities, training, and workshops tailored to early-career philosophers.
  3. Opportunities for co-supervision
  4. Opportunities for collaboration and networking with peers and other academic philosophers at the University of Vienna
  5. Support for academic initiatives
  6. Funding for dissertation preparation, participation in national and international conferences, academic events and external research visits.

**Members of the VDP have the obligation to follow the guidelines of our Code of Good Practice