Starting in Oct. 2020, the Vienna Doctoral School in Philosophy (VDP) gathers together the research strengths of the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna to create an international hub for doctoral research in academic philosophy

The VDP differs from most competing programs in that it supports research in Theoretical PhilosophyPractical Philosophy, as well as in the History of Philosophy.

Moreover, the VDP endorses and promotes a plurality of different philosophical traditions, methods, and forms of thought. 

The VDP is committed to diversity in its membership. The VDP’s profile benefits its doctoral researchers in that it fosters cross-fertilization between research projects in different fields and in different traditions, and it gives its doctoral researchers a competitive edge by providing them with broad areas of competence as well as in-depth specialization.

The VDP’s ambitious profile builds on the unusually high number of internationally leading VDP faculty members from a wide variety relevant domains and schools of philosophical research.


In 2018 10 PhD students started their PhD simultaneously in the Forms of Normativity - Transitions and Intersections doc.funds project. This project, which is generously funded by the FWF, is the precursor, and nucleus, of the Vienna Doctoral School in Philosophy.