About the School

The Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy (VDP) is an international hub for doctoral studies in philosophy. It brings together the research strengths of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Vienna, including the supervisory and non-supervisory faculty and the community of doctoral researchers in philosophy, to support the development of excellent doctoral dissertations.

VDP members conduct research in theoretical philosophy, practical philosophy, and the history of philosophy. The VDP embraces diversity in its membership and promotes a plurality of philosophical traditions, methods and forms of thinking. The VDP supports researchers at all stages of the process, from developing a promising research proposal to disseminating results and finding a postdoctoral position. It does so in a way that balances expertise with broad philosophical competence.

The members of the VDP faculty are committed to a system of close (co-)supervision and a flexible curriculum designed to meet the specific needs of researchers. At the Department of Philosophy of the University of Vienna, our doctoral students benefit from active participation in internationally oriented philosophical research and can draw on a lively and large community of active colleagues. See the information on research topics, faculty members and collaborators.

The VDP provides information and advice to current and prospective doctoral students. It also offers its members various forms of financial support for participation in conferences, the organisation of academic events, external research stays and the preparation of dissertations.

The VDP offers tailor-made training for academic philosophers, including a series of Pragmatic Academic Events and preparation for the Faculty Presentation. See VDP Training.

Our official languages are English and German.

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