PhD Funding

The VDP supports its members with funded positions, grants for participating in academic conferences, organizing academic events, visiting research institutions, and preparing their dissertations. Further information is available on our internal moodle.

Funded PhD Positions

You can find information about open positions here.

Conference Participation 

VDP members can apply for reimbursement of expenses (e.g., transportation, accommodation, fees) associated with active participation in conferences, seminars, workshops, summer schools, etc. 

Event Organization 

VDP members can claim expenses for events they organize at the Department of Philosophy, e.g. an invited talk, a seminar, a workshop or a conference.

External Research Stay 

VDP members can apply for reimbursement of expenses for an external research stay at another university or organization. In order to do so, they must complete the Public Presentation (FÖP), the Doctoral Thesis Agreement and the Annual Reports.

Thesis Preparation 

VDP members may apply for reimbursement or for thesis preparation expenses (e.g., printing, binding, and proofreading of the thesis). Language proofreading is available for non-cumulative dissertations and for papers to be included in cumulative dissertations written in non-native languages, or when applicants need specific language support.

Thesis Completion Fellowship

VDP doctoral researchers may apply for a fellowship for a period of up to 6 months, during which time they must complete and submit their dissertation.