Teaching as a PhD Researcher

It is an excellent idea to gain teaching experience during your doctoral study, and this will be important for pursuing a career in academic philosophy. VDP researchers who are employed as University Assistants are required to deliver a certain amount of undergraduate teaching. Other doctoral researchers are encouraged to apply for teaching opportunities. It is important to balance teaching and research commitments carefully.

Before teaching for the first time at the University of Vienna, it is necessary to complete the basic qualification:

German version

English version

There is also a detailed teaching manual available on the Intranet (employee login required) searchable under “Handbuch für Lehrende”/ “Teaching Manual”.

The Center for Teaching and Learning provides further information and support, including coaching for staff who are new to teaching.

All other enquiries about teaching in the Department of Philosophy should be directed to the Director of Undergraduate and Masters Studies, Uni.-Prof. Max Kölbel (max.koelbel@univie.ac.at).