PhD Program

The Doctoral Programme in Philosophy is a three-year PhD programme open to self-funded researchers, third-party-funded researchers and pre-doctoral researchers employed by the Department of Philosophy.

The program is divided into compulsory activities (coursework, faculty presentation, annual reports, thesis submission, defense) and non-compulsory activities (VDP training).

The compulsory coursework amounts to 24 ECTs. At least 15 ECTs must be in Seminars for Doctoral Candidates. See Curriculum.

The VDP training is non-compulsory support for the fulfillment of compulsory milestones.

The StudienServiceCenter Philosophie administers the compulsory activities and provides official information on the curricula, the Public Presentation at the Faculty (FÖP), the recognition of examinations, and the submission and defence of the thesis. Questions on these topics should be sent to

VDP Handbook provides a comprehensive guide to the doctoral process.

Structure of the Doctoral Studies

Entry Phase: Year 1

Compulsory Milestones

Doctoral Training*

  1. Get fit for the FÖP (The DocWIP Seminar)
  2. Participate in the Writing Evenings
  3. Participate in Pragmatic Academic Series
  4. Participate in the Center for Doctoral Studies workshops
  5. Register an additional supervisor and establish a thesis advisory committee

* These activities are also open to doctoral candidates in the research phase (years 2 and 3).

Research Phase: Years 2 and 3

Compulsory Activities

  1. Write doctoral thesis chapters or scientific papers
  2. Participate in doctoral seminars
  3. Deliver undergraduate teaching (where contracted to do so)
  4. Complete annual progress reports

Doctoral Training

  1. Organize a summer school
  2. Organize an academic event
  3. Participate in academic conferences
  4. Undertake a research stay abroad
  5. Apply for teaching opportunities

Final Phase: Year 3

Compulsory Activities

  1. Submit and review your dissertation
  2. Defend your dissertation