Migration and Research: Pragmatic Academic Series




Vera Axyonova (Postdoc, University of Vienna, Political Communication) 

Ali Emre Benli (Postdoc, University of Vienna, Philosophy) 

Yashka Chavan (Praedoc, University of Münster, Postcolonial Studies) 

Maria Kronfeldner (Professor, Central European University, Philosophy)

When & Where: 

23 November 5-7pm NiG - Hörsaal 2G (Hybrid)

Zoom Room

Meeting ID: 688 8379 2809

Passcode: 144723


Migration has always been an integral factor in the production of knowledge in academic institutions. Historically, people from different parts of the world, linguistic and cultural backgrounds have shaped our disciplines through the preservation, dialogue, critique, transfer, translation and transformation of knowledge and experience from around the world. In particular, our contemporary world is incomplete without the rich and growing map of migration. And yet, a variety of problems, such as systematic inequality, invisibility, and marginalization, plague our modern academic institutions in relation to the accounting of migrant bodies and knowledge.

This panel brings together experts on migration and minorities to explore two main strands of migration and research. First, we will examine how migrant researchers contribute to the academy, both in terms of knowledge transfer and in challenging its status quo. Second, we will try to identify how university policies can be improved to provide better guidance and protection against discrimination in academic spaces. The panel will thus provide first-hand insights into the challenges of integration and settlement, institutional support and barriers, and international collaboration between migrant researchers and other academics.

By focusing on the pragmatic aspects of migration in the context of academic research, we expect to gain an understanding of the complexity of the migrant researcher's experience.