We are currently looking for 4 PhD-researchers.

The advertisement can be found here. Apply before August 30th, 2020.

Applications should be submitted via the Job Center to the University of Vienna (

The Vienna Doctoral School in Philosophy (VDP) is a structured 4-year doctoral program that fosters early-career research in the areas of Theoretical Philosophy, Practical Philosophy, and the History of Philosophy.

More information regarding research at the department can be found on the departmental research page and on our collaboration page.

The VDP faculty are committed to a close (co-) supervision scheme and a flexible curriculum of courses to fit the VDP doctoral researchers’ specific needs. The VDP doctoral researchers benefit from active participation in internationally oriented philosophical research and they can draw on a lively and large community of active and successful peers at the University of Vienna’s Department of Philosophy.

A list of our faculty, including their areas of specialisation, can be found on our faculty page.

From the development of a promising research proposal up to the dissemination of research results and the postdoctoral job search, the VDP aims at supporting its doctoral researchers at all stages of the process. It does so in a way that strikes a balance between specialized expertise and broad philosophical competence.

The VDP is committed to diversity in its membership, and it endorses the plurality of different philosophical traditions, methods, and forms of thought.