Official Points of Contact

a) According to the Code of Good Practices for Doctoral Schools (1, r.), directors of doctoral schools must “provide measures and procedures for conflict resolution (if necessary in cooperation with other relevant bodies of the university).”

  • Benjamin Schnieder, VDP director and Angela Kallhoff, vice-director, are the official points of contact for problems between supervisor(s) and PhD Researchers. They welcome any school member to listen and discuss issues involving other school members. Furthermore, they are responsible for mediating in conflicts and investigating problems within the doctoral school.

b) The VDP is anchored at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education. Thus, apart from the directors, other official points of contact are:                                                                                                        

  • George Karamanolis, Head of the Department of Philosophy (first point of contact)
  • Hans Bernhard Schmid, Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Education (secondary point of contact)                             

c) Besides our internal points of contact, the Sexual Harassment & Bullying Counselling Office is a University of Vienna's official point of contact.

d) Finally, the Human Resources and Gender Equality office has a range of points of call dealing with diversity and anti-discrimination. They are accessible to all employees and students.