Work in Progress Series

 Winter Semester 23 Dates:

  • 16.10 13:30-15:00, Hörsaal 3A (NIG, 1010 Wien, Universitätsstraße 7, 3.Stock)
  • 06.11 13:30-15:00, Hörsaal 3A
  • 20.11 13:30-15:00, Hörsaal 3A
  • 04.12 13:30-15:00, Hörsaal 3A
  • 08.01 13:30-15:00, Hörsaal 3A

An inclusive and supportive presentation series that fosters scholarly discussion, collaboration, and networking opportunities for master's students, doctoral researchers, and postdocs working in all areas of philosophy.

In the WIP, they can present their ongoing research projects and papers, receive feedback, and engage in academic debates with their peers.

The space provides opportunities for socializing over coffee and snacks, fostering an atmosphere of camaraderie and mutual support.

How to participate?


Speakers: Please contact with your preferred date (see below), including an abstract and title of your presentation.

Feedback Committee Members: Please contact if you would like to serve on a feedback committee for one or more presentations during the semester.

Regular Attendees: Just show up!



Regular attendance and participation in the WIP series can be accredited for 1 ECTS in the Doctoral Program of Philosophy. A list of participants and their role in the WIP is collected after each session.

Participants who meet the requirements can ask the VDP ( for a certificate of participation in the series at the end of each semester and then apply for ECTS recognition at


To receive the ECT, a participant must either

  • Attend at least five sessions, including one as a speaker


  • Attend at least five sessions, two of which must be in a feedback committee (written feedback must also be provided).

Structure of a WIP session:

I. Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes):

  • Opening remarks by the moderator
  • Introduction to presentations and format
  • Schedule Overview

II. Research Presentations and Feedback Sessions (up to 60 minutes)

For sessions with one speaker

  • up to 30 minutes for the presentation
  • up to 15 minutes for report by feedback committee 
  • up to 25 minutes for Q&A

For sessions with two speakers 

  • up to 15 minutes per the presentation
  • up to 10 minutes per report by feedback committee
  • up to 10 minutes per Q&A

III. Networking time - Refreshment, coffee and snacks (15 minutes)

For questions, please contact

The WIP series is organized by the Vienna Doctoral School of Philosophy, in collaboration with Khôra: Plattform für Philosophische Diskussion and the Wiener Forum für Analytische Philosophie