Co-Supervision by Professors from Other Disciplines

Transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary projects may require the supervision of scholars working in fields other than philosophy. Doctoral researchers may, either on the recommendation of their supervisor or on their own initiative, request to be supervised by a professor at the University of Vienna who is not a member of the Department of Philosophy. This should be negotiated with the primary supervisor, who may recommend a specific person to act as the second supervisor. Once the potential additional supervisor has been identified, the researcher should contact the professor to request co-supervision of the doctoral project.

If the professor agrees to take on this responsibility, the researcher has to re-submit the form SL.D11, keeping the details of the main supervisor and adding the details of the new supervisor to formalise the process, and await the approval of the VDP Directors.

Please send the form to, forwarding a copy to the VDP coordinator ( Any questions should be directed to the VDP coordinator.