Doctoral studies in philosophy at the University of Vienna also includes a training component in form of doctoral seminars, participation in conference, summer schools, in the amount of 24 ECTS points.

  • It is important that chosen compulsory training support the research project and are relevant to the PhD project as a whole. 
  • Students can enroll in doctoral seminars since the beginning of their studies, e.g. to prepare their exposé and FöP.
  • It is mandatory that at least 15 of the 24 ECTS are on doctoral seminars. 

The purpose of the doctoral seminars is twofold: first, to broaden philosophical expertise; and second, to practice presenting and discussing original ideas.

Information about the curriculum, including how to enrol in colloquia, is available here. Scroll down to ‘43 - Doctoral Directorate of Studies Philosophy and Education’ and select ‘43.01 Philosophy’. Click into each of the listed courses for full details.