Thesis Preparation, Submission, and Defense

Doctoral candidates at the Faculty of Philosophy and Education may submit their dissertation either as a monograph or as a so-called cumulative dissertation (see our guidelines), that is, as a compilation of publications and manuscripts.

  • This is decided together with the supervisor(s) and thesis advisory committee, ideally this is stated in the doctoral thesis agreement.
  • It is a good idea to start drafting thesis chapters as soon as possible, with the aim of having written the full thesis by the end of year three.
  • Where a fourth year is available, this can be used for final editing and preparation for the defense.

Doctoral researchers are asked to propose individuals to act as reviewers/ examiners of their doctoral thesis. Please note that reviewers cannot be supervisors or thesis advisory committee members, and must be external to the University of Vienna. It is a good idea to identify potential reviewers in year two or three. Please discuss this with your supervisor(s)/ thesis advisory committee.

Information about the thesis submission and review process:

Information about the defense: